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Fat transfer with Tumescent Liposcution is the transfer or movement of fat from one area of the body to another. 

Fat transfer is also called fat grafting or fat injection.

Currently, Dr. Nathan Long offers the Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction procedure to the buttocks only. This is done to increase the volume and augment the buttocks appearance. After a Fat Transfer to the buttocks you will see results immediately following your surgery. However, the results you see immediately following your surgery will reduce slightly as swelling resolves. The results will remain overtime in big or small ways. The areas were Tumescent Liposuction was performed, you will see immediate results of a more slim and contoured appearance.

During the process of fat transfer, the fat is suctioned out using the tumescent liposuction technique. Next, the fat is concentrated and the tumescent fluid is removed. During the procedure the skin is not cut. The fat is removed and injected using a very small incision. Finally the fat cells are placed into the buttock area. To be a good candidate for fat transfer it is necessary that enough fat be present in another location for liposuction.

The benefit of using your own harvested fat to augment your buttocks area, is that it is natural. We do not use fat implants to augment the buttocks only your own natural fat.  During your recovery, you will notice in all areas that were treated, some swelling, sometimes minimal bruising (for patients that already bruise easily). 

12 thoughts on “SPECIAL PROMOTION JULY & AUGUST $3970

      1. Your prices go up every year and the $5890 would depend on your body size? Correct?

      2. What if a person just wanted liposuction no far transfer, would it be cheaper?

  1. I’m looking at the special you have for July and August it does not say for what size the $3970 is for it just say special. So a person would assume that it will be for any body part no matter what the size and fat transfer? It’s confusing and misleading for someone paying out of pocket. Can you explain?

    1. This price covers most of our patients. This includes small-medium sized abdomens. Most cases are in the small-medium. Occasionally, we do see cases which require a longer surgery time and recovery. I’m sorry for any confusion. Please stop by our clinic anytime for a complementary consultation and estimate.

  2. hello

    can I put the deposite down now but book surgery for a later date and still get the $3970 price?

    Thank you!

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