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You know that feeling when you put on that special outfit…the one that makes you feel incredibly confident? It’s an amazing feeling that brings joy and excitement into your life.
When you look into your closet, are there outfits in there you wish you could wear, but can no longer fit into due to that extra bulge that somehow formed over the years? We all have gone through this at some point in time. 
It’s important to notice these changes with our body, to identify them, and to figure out the cause. Most likely the culprit? Your lifestyle. Are you active? If so, how often? Do you smoke? If so, stop now! There are many questions we can ask ourselves to figure out how we gain weight. This is something we will go over with you during your journey with us. Yes, we are able to remove the outer layers of fat with our Tumescent Liposuction procedure, but the deep inside fat, or visceral fat, can only be reduced by a lifestyle change.
This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. – Cosmetic Procedures Clinic. 

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