Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction 


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Fat transfer is also called fat grafting or fat injection. Currently, Dr. Nathan Long offers the Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction procedure to the buttocks only. This is done to increase the volume and augment the buttocks appearance. After a Fat Transfer to the buttocks you will see results immediately following your surgery. However, the results you see immediately following your surgery will reduce slightly as swelling resolves. The results will remain overtime in big or small ways. The areas were Tumescent Liposuction was performed, you will see immediate results of a more slim and contoured appearance.

During the process of fat transfer with tumescent liposuction, you are awake but heavily sedated. The fat is suctioned out using the tumescent liposuction technique. Next, the fat is concentrated and the tumescent  fluid is removed. During the procedure the skin is not cut. The fat is removed and injected using a very small incision. Finally the fat cells are placed into the buttock area. To be a good candidate for fat transfer it is necessary that enough fat be present in another location for liposuction.

The benefit of using your own harvested fat to augment your buttocks area, is that it is natural. We do not use fat implants to augment the buttocks only your own natural fat.  During your recovery, you will notice in all areas that were treated, some swelling, sometimes minimal bruising (for patients that already bruise easily). 

  • Tumescent liposuction is safer than techniques that require general anesthesia.
  • Tumescent liposuction results are similar to or better than general anesthesia techniques.
  • Tumescent liposuction allows the patient to return home the day of the procedure.
  • Tumescent liposuction lowers the cost of liposuction procedures by allowing them to be done in the doctors office. There is no additional charge for a surgical-center, hospital or anesthesiologist.

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234 thoughts on “Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction 

  1. Sanysa says:

    I am interested in liposuction. I had hysterectomy in October 2017, so I might be dealing with some scar tissue. Can you provide some insight on that?

    • nathanlongmd says:

      With it being almost a year post your Hysterectomy, Liposuction shouldn’t be a problem. Are you able to come in for a complementary consultation?

  2. Tanya E Luke says:

    I understand that you only transfer fat to the buttock, but is the hips included with that? I’m 5 foot 2 , weight is 168 I have a box like butt, wanting more curves and projection to my butt, and also need volume to my hips, for that hourglass figure.

  3. Peyton says:

    Why no patients over 50? I’m 51 and I’m more fit than most in there 30s (with the exception of some back fat I’d like to removed.

    • nathanlongmd says:

      We have a strict policy of no patients over 50 due to how tight the compression garments are and health issues in past patients of this age. I understand you would most likely be an exception to this policy, however, we must keep with our procedural policies at this time.

  4. Taylor Tribbett says:

    i really want to get fat transferred to my breast too. i already came for a consultation a few months ago so i know you only do butts, sadly. but do have you ever left enough fat for someone like me who would like to get their breast done too? i dont want anyone but you to sculpt my waist and butt etc. but i really need my breast done so i dont know if i should come to you before or after i get my breast done.

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