Fat transfer and the process of healing.

Today we are talking about fat transfer and the process of healing. Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. of Cosmetic Procedures Clinic

Today we are talking about fat transfer and the process of healing.

Video Transcription:

Hi. This is Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. and today we are talking about fat transfer and the process of healing. We have some pictures of progression of days past of a patient we actually saw today.

So, let’s go ahead and go to the before picture. With each patient I carefully outline the area, we discuss the area to be treated, take a before picture. (We do a complete consultation discussing the risks, benefits, and alternatives to your procedure.) Notice the rolls, creases, the area where we take the fat, and the area where we place the fat.

Next, day one after surgery.  Notice how the rolls have now laid down and the fat has gone from above, and we see more swelling and fullness below. We should notice that the fat takes root and lives in the area. What we want to do with the above area is keep it very tight. When you keep it very tight there is little to no bruising, little to no pain, and also a very nice result very smooth and flat.

We go to day three after surgery. We notice how the healing starts to take place. Notice some swelling, not too much change.

Two weeks later we notice now that the skin has glued down on to the body and we notice how the fat has really started to take root and live in the area. Then, we notice an area of swelling here and we really want to make sure this area lays down flat. If the swelling remains, it can become hard, and become a problem in the future. (We will ask you to continue wearing your compression garment if this is noted during your post operative appointment.)

Next, we go to the picture we got today which is 5 weeks post surgery. We notice how the area has a nice contour. We have a little crease here. Going forward we need to peel this skin with Retina and make sure this skin goes back to it’s normal tightness. We notice how the fullness in the bottom has remained.

Now, let’s go over to the beginning and the end. This is from the before and then todays picture. We notice how the rolls have gone down. The fullness has really taken root. Going forward we want to make sure that we peel the skin. If we have any problems the patient will come in and see us as needed.

This has been Dr. Nathan Long, M.D.

We will see you next time.

15 thoughts on “Fat transfer and the process of healing.

  1. Dr Long I had the fat transfer 2 years ago now and since I didn’t have this pillow you recommend to sit on my fat transfer to my butt is not big like it was after I had the procedure done can you help me

  2. Hello Dr. Long I was wondering do you offer a package for more then 1 service
    Was looking to get a mommy make over is it painful and safe to do all at once

  3. Hello, is there a weight limit for the tumescent liposuction (stomach). I am about 245 and wonder if I could possibly qualify?

    1. Hi thanks for writing in!

      Age, weight, height, and preexisting medical conditions, are among a few qualifying factors in determining if tumescent liposuction is good fit for our patients. We will go over all of the risks, benefits and alternatives with you during your consultation as well as helping you determine if you are comfortable with moving forward with tumescent liposuction. Are you able to meet with us for a complementary consultation?

  4. Hello Nathan Long, is tumescent lipo the same as laser lipo or smart lipo, with all this names im comfuse. And can you transfer fat from the ambdomen to calfs?

    1. Hello Nora,

      Tumescent lipo is awake lipo using saline solution with lidocaine and epinephrine. Some other offices call is smart lipo. We do not transfer fat to the calves. Thank you!

    1. Hello Vanessa,

      Thank you for your question. Our current price for the fat transfer procedure starts at $4980. Please call our office at 214-631-5664 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Thank you!

  5. Is there a separate cost if we also want u to take fat from other body parts as well as the stomach? I would like the transfer but I am curious of the cost.

  6. I was just wondering, I’m looking at the pictures and the woman stomachs aren’t as bad as mines… I have a small little pudge that hang a little… Would you be able to work with that or is a tummy tuck needed with this as well?

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