Tumescent Liposuction Webinar: What Is An Area?


Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. describes an area of Tumescent Liposuction. The most asked question is “What is an area of Tumescent Liposuction?”. In this video webinar, Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. shows you diagrams that accurately depict what an area generally consists of.

14 thoughts on “Tumescent Liposuction Webinar: What Is An Area?

    • nathanlongmd says:

      Yes we can do both the abdomen and flanks area. Arms are treatable with tumescent liposuction as well, however, the majority of our patients currently do not treat this area.

  1. Shica says:

    Hi I see the price for the fat transfer is 5980 does that include the fat from the abdomen and the back? If not wat is the price for both? Thanks

  2. Susie Q. says:

    How often do you have promotions for Lipo and fat transfer? Please email when you have your next promotion. Thanks!

  3. Kristi Medrano says:

    Can you email me when you have promotions. Hate that I missed the summer sale. I’m interested in lipo only not fat deposit. Thx

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