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Fat Transfer is the movement of fat from underneath the skin from one area to another.

Fat Transfer follows the same guidelines as Tumescent Liposuction. Most of our cases of Fat Transfer involve moving fat from the abdomen, flanks and back into the buttocks. We take the fat from these areas and place it under the skin in and among the fat cells of the buttocks area.
When you look at the buttocks, we are looking at the areas above and below the buttocks, not just directly at the buttocks.
We get a lot of questions about the amount of fat we are able to use and place into the buttocks.

Generally, we are able to place 500-600cc of fat into the buttocks area.

Sometimes, the patient will not have 500-600cc of fat to inject. We go over in great detail the realistic expectations for your body type prior to surgery.
Limitations: Everyone has a unique body shape. Many things influence the way our bodies look. We will never become someone else’s body. We may see a model or someone on television that we admire, but again we will never be someone else’s body. We have a general idea of what we picture for our patients as seen in the sketch outline above. The skin limits us to how much fat we can transfer. If the skin is really tight, that limits our room for expansion. If we have a lot of internal visceral fat in general, the shape may not be where we want it to be. As we spoke about previously, keeping a healthy lifestyle will ultimately help to reduce visceral fat or deep inside fat. Again, the areas above and below the buttocks influence our outcome of Tumescent Liposuction with Fat Transfer to the buttocks.
How do you take care of the buttocks after your Fat Transfer procedure? Yes it is ok to sit on your buttocks some but not too much. Putting down a cushion before you sit down is a good idea. The important thing is that there is good blood flow to the area and that the fat transfered is able to live and breath. Wearing your garment continuously unless instructed otherwise is very important. Of course as with all Tumescent Liposuction & Fat Transfer procedures, smoking and drinking causes the fat to not be as healthy. If you’re smoking and drinking, make an effort to stop. We require you to have not smoked or had alcoholic beverages at least 2 weeks prior to your Fat Transfer and/or Tumescent Liposuction procedure.
This article post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. – Cosmetic Procedures Clinic

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