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Let's Talk More About Fat Transfer To Your Buttocks.  - COSMETIC PROCEDURES CLINIC & DR. NATHAN LONG, M.D.

Why do patients want to have fat transferred to their buttocks?
Most patients want to have fat transferred to their buttocks to enhance the size, shape, and contour of their bottom area. Overtime, the buttocks area loses its shape and volume due to aging, weight gain, and numerous other factors. When we transfer your fat from an area such as the abdomen to the buttocks, we are able to, in most cases, bring your buttocks area back to its original shape. We are committed to helping our patients achieve a natural more youthful appearance through the use of Tumescent Liposuction and Fat Transfer by Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. at Cosmetic Procedures Clinic.  
What are some risks involved with fat transfer?
With our fat transfer procedure using tumescent liposuction the risks are significantly reduced because we are using tumescent anesthesia, not general anesthesia.  As with all surgeries, though, there is the slight risk of a reaction to the anesthesia, scarring, bleeding, infection, and numbness. There is a small chance that the fat transferred will not be accepted by the treatment area, buttocks, but in our practice we have not experienced this. Post surgery dehydration can occur if the patient is not following our rules of water intake.
How long does the fat transfer procedure take?
Our fat transfer procedure takes between 1 and 3 hours to complete. You will then stay with us in our recovery area until Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. releases you to your helper or caregiver. You will see us the following day, as well as future appointments that will be made on your follow up visit.
Will the fat transfer leave any scars?
Fat Transfer leaves no scars, as the tiny injections are placed in your natural skin creases.
How is the fat placed in my buttocks?
Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. will make very small incisions, about 2mm in diameter, or about the size of a pea, concealed within your natural skin creases. Next, he will collect the fat from your selected body area, prepare it for use, and then inject the fat into multiple layers of the buttocks, until the desired shape and fullness has been achieved.

What can I expect at my consultation visit?
One of our staff members will make sure you have all your questions answered as well as share with you our processes at your first consultation. At your consultation visit surgery day for Fat Transfer, Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. will review your medical history, discuss your goals for surgery, and answer your questions. He will also help you visualize your potential results. At your consultation, Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. will discuss all details of the fat transfer procedure, including his technique, your recovery, risks, and expected outcomes.
Where does Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. perform the Fat Transfer?
Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. performs the Fat Transfer procedure in the operating room at Cosmetic Procedures Clinic.
What should I expect from my Fat Transfer recovery?
Your recovery time from a Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction will take from one to two weeks. No drains or stitches are used in the procedure, so there is nothing that will need to be removed. However, patients should try to stay off their butts as much as possible during the first two weeks. You may return to work within 1 day after the procedure, and normal strenuous activity, including exercise, can be resumed as soon as you feel up to it. The size of the incisions are about the same size as a pea. You may want to use a cushion or pillow to sit on while you’re recovering. We are only treating superficial fat and skin, this should not impair your abilities to perform regular activities.
How long can I expect the results to last?
A Fat Transfer to the buttocks provides long-lasting results that are, most often, permanent. A small amount of the fat injection may be absorbed by the body, but the fat that remains after the swelling has completely subsided (after about three months) will remain for many years to come. We always require our patients to come in the next day to see us, and then we make future appointments at that time.
Will insurance cover this procedure?
Fat Transfers are not generally covered by insurance. To assist with costs, Cosmetic Procedures Clinic takes a variety of payment methods such as cash, money order, and all major credit cards. We are also happy to offer 12 month, interest free financing for your procedures through Care Credit.
Who is a good candidate for a Fat Transfer to the buttocks?
In order to be an excellent candidate for this procedure, you should have some excess fat on your thighs, flanks, or abdomen. This will be the fat used for the transfer. Patients should also be in generally good health and non-smokers, as the fat graft does not take as well in the tissue of smokers. If you smoke, stop now.


Casey Washington – July 8, 2015:

If someone has history of high blood pressure will it affect the liposuction

nathanlongmd – July 8, 2015:

Thank you for your question. If you have a history of blood pressure we would need to make sure that its controlled. At the free consultation we would give you a doctor consent form that you would take to your PCP for blood work and tests. If everything comes back normal and your PCP clears you for Tumescent Liposuction, then you would be able to have the surgery. Thank you!

ongel reel – July 27, 2015:

so how long after smoking can i have my procedure done…ive been a smoker for about 15 yrs

nathanlongmd – July 28, 2015:

Smoking will significantly increase your risk for post operative complications. Please, find ways to stop smoking immediately. Would you like help with this? We are here for you.

Sharie – January 26, 2016:

is there a weight limit for the fat transfer?

nathanlongmd – February 1, 2016:

Good question Sharie. We need to see you in person to determine that. Of course if you are too small and there is not enough fat to transfer then you will not be an ideal candidate. We schedule free consultations! Call or email to schedule. Thanks!

Sharie – February 1, 2016:

Okay and thank you I was told by one of the Dr on here that I was to heavy I’m 36 5.9 320 pounds the other Dr told me no Dr would do it so I pretty much am trying to lose a few more pounds but I asked the dr how much should I lose he never answered

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