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If you have fat you want removed and don’t want those over priced ugly scars that come with “tucks” go see Dr. Long @ Cosmetic Procedures in Dallas off Mockingbird & I35……HANDS DOWN this Doc is a genius! I had my quarter back looking upper arms and inner thighs done 6 weeks ago this coming Friday and the after compared to my before is incredible. NO MORE BULGING…I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH MY AFTER RESULTS! I have scheduled my abdomen lipo to be done in 2 weeks and I’m siked! Having lost 140+ pounds with the Gastric Lap Band I had lots of stubborn fat and sagginess that would not go away even with all that weight loss. Dr. Long took care of it. My skin is not bulging, it’s not sagging but most importantly, it’s almost completely smoothed out as if I’d never had the fat problem before. I LOVE IT and I love the fact looking this great did not have to bankrupt me. Cosmetic Procedures w/Dr. Long is far more reasonably priced than any tummy tuck, inner thigh tuck or upper arm tuck WITH ugly scars could have ever given me. Dr. Long you have given me my confidence back. I look & feel great about my body. I love shopping again and short shorts and tank tops are back again! From the bottom of my heart ~ thank you and your wonderful staff! – Sandra Z.

This clinic is the best cosmetic clinic I have been to in a long time! I’ve visited other doctors in the Dallas area who also perform laser liposuction but I was not impressed. Dr. Long impressed me with his before and after pictures and how he completely explained to me what I wanted to have done. I treated my neck and my arms. I’m 100% satisfied with Dr. Long and his staff and I plan on going back to see him for future procedures. The clinic is very nice and clean and is in a good location right outside of the downtown area. I love how warm and friendly his staff are as soon as I walk in the door they greet me and I’m seen within minutes. Thank you Dr. Long! Thank you!!! – Linda G.

For the first cosmetic treatment ever I was extremely worried but Dr. Long and his staff was absolutely wonderful! My results are amazing; you can actually see my curves! I would highly recommend Dr. Long to my friends! – L S

Home Liposuction Fat Transfer Before & After Photos Blog Podcast Videos Clinic Tour Financing About Contact Patient Portal Testimonials Testimonials I am very pleased with the services of the receptionist and the entire staff specially Dr. Long! It was truly a rewarding experience. I would recommend Dr. Long to other patients because I am so impressed with the work done and the results! I am considering getting more treatments in the future with Dr. Long. – S B

I am very pleased with Dr. Long. I see curves on my body that I haven’t seen in years and thought I’d never see them again. I am just so very happy with Dr. Long’s work. My abdomen is completely flat! – L M

I’ve seen Dr Long for various procedures and continue to visit the clinic for my cosmetic treatments throughout the year. I’m a life long patient!!! Dr Long is very patient and kind and informs me of my procedures as far as the risks, benefits, and alternatives. No other Dr or staff at any other clinic I have visited takes the time to do that! I usually have to do the research on my own. Thank you Dr. Long and staff for making me feel my best and look the best I have in years! As a 50 year old woman, I can honestly say I look how I feel, which is young at heart of course. I encourage anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who is interested in laser liposuction or any other cosmetic treatments Dr Long offers, to meet with him and his staff. You will not be disappointed! – Rikki A.

I had my laser lipo procedure in April 2011 and I had a great experience .I had had lipo years before by another doctor and didnt come out well so he was repairing that. I think my case was more complicated on account someone else had already messed with it.I had lots of uneveness ,ridges,etc Dr Long really cares about the patient and remembers details about your last conversation which makes you feel like you werent just a number..In July there was an small spot that needed a retouch and he fixed it at no cost and without any hassle. I also got radiesse injections on my eye troughs and I am very satisfied.No matter how many hours i slept i always looked tired.Not anymore.. Also the staff is amazing and in a short while you feeli like family. Thanks Amber and Summer for making me feel comfortable and at ease. – Miss I.

I went in for my procedure on 3/10/11 and it was amazing. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Once I got off the table, i instantly saw my results. I would recommend Dr. Nathan Long and his staff to anyone. If you’re looking for a doctor who takes his time, makes you feel welcomed, and friendly staff, then look no further than COSMETIC PROCEDURES CLINIC. ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG!!!!!!!! – Kimberly T.

What a great experience this has been! Dr. Long is the best! I especially appreciate how much time he spent explaining laser liposuction before, during and after the procedure. Best of all, I’m very pleased with the outcome. It’s just what I was hoping for. I strongly recommend Dr. Long and his attentive staff. At 65 years old, I encourage you, at any age, to do it! If I ever need another procedure, I’ll definitely call Dr. Nathan Long. – Sandra W.

Got my first procedure done with Dr. Long about a month ago. He was so professional and very easy to talk to, he made me feel like a person not just a purse. I knew instantly I was in the right place, with the friendly staff and cozy environment my nerves were there but quickly subsided. I have never spent more personal 1 on 1 time with a Doctor. Dr. Long spent an hour making sure all of my questions were answered and then made sure I was up to speed throughout the process. He is kind and gentle but most importantly very very honest. A smart Doctor that is humble and caring? Oh yes you have found him in Nathan long. I know many women want to be consumed with the price of the product, I researched many doctors and found only one less expensive. Dr. long not only has terrific prices but in this case you get a lot more than you pay before. Constant attentive care, wonderful staff, and the best results possible for your body. One of the things I like the most is he tells you exactly where you stand. He will give you reasonable outcomes so that everyone is on the same page. I could not be more pleased. – Amy S.

 I went to Dr. Long because I was concerned about the appearance of a “pit” in my buttocks. I will be turning the fabulous fifty this year and I am having a big celebration. I have nice form and shape but didn’t like the indention in my buttocks. Dr. Long and his excellent staff has been wonderful from beginning to end. His work is a reflection of his perfection. YOU GO DR. LONG & COSMETIC PROCEDURES CLINIC!!!! – Brenda J.

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  1. I am so pleased with my procedure. Dr long is so professional along with his staff. He sat in my private waiting room and explained everything to me in such detail. My tumescent lipo was two days ago and even with the swelling my body looks amazing. I will
    definetly refer Dr long to friends, family, and coworkers. Everything was great! – Celeste M

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