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Today our blog is about the consultation process and what we talk about during that time. The first consult that we have is with our staff. The staff will go over general information, pricing, and questions. The second consultation is generally reserved for those who need medical clearance before their procedure. The third consult is the day of the procedure where Dr. Nathan Long meets with you to go over three general categories.
The first category is about healthy living. When we talk about healthy living we talk about staying active. It doesn’t mean going to the gym or running marathons. It just means spending the good part of your day standing or walking, not sitting down or laying for most of your day. As far as calories, generally, most people require around 1000 to 2000 calories per day, some people more some less, but going over the calorie limit for your specific needs will cause you to have health problems. This may cause fat to become more visceral. When the fat is concentrated deep on the inside of our bodies and not so much under the skin, we typically call it visceral fat. When you’re not staying active, nothing we or anyone else can do will help.
The second category we like to talk with you and your helper about on the day of the procedure, (you need to bring someone who can help you during that day. Someone to drive you, to help remind you to drink water, and to help you at home with your garment.) is hydration. We require our patients to drink 6 bottles of water after the procedure. If you do not, you will become dehydrated. Maybe 1 bottle every hour or every 2 hours, but not all at once. When we give you the relaxing medicine before your procedure, it causes you to become drowsy. You will remain drowsy for several hours following your procedure. You will need your helper with you at home for assistance. Dr. Nathan Long will also talk with your helper to make sure they also understand all of our requirements and the job they will endure as your helper at home.

Every patient will get Dr. Nathan Long’s personal cell phone number.

The third category we talk about is the garments and compression or faja. They come by names like Body Majic, Leonisa, and others. What’s important is that the area treated needs to be compressed firmly. When compression is done correctly, everything works great. When compression is not done well, everything goes bad. Once the fat is gone under the skin, then swelling and water occurs under the skin. This can cause pain. Without compression, the swelling will not go down. We cannot stress the importance enough that wearing your compression garment correctly is vital to the success of your procedure. During your follow-up appointments, we make sure your garments are fitting properly. We offer a unique service of taking in your garment so that it fits appropriately, sizing it to your unique shape.
During your consultation with Dr. Nathan Long, M.D., all of your questions will be answered. The risks, benefits, and alternatives will be discussed heavily.

This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. – Cosmetic Procedures Clinic

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