Today we are going to talk about rolls. We get many questions on how we are able to get rid of the rolls without cutting the skin using our Tumescent Liposuction technique. Our goals: 1. No rolls. 2. Smooth skin, no swelling, bumps or crinkly skin. 3. Flat treated area with no inside fat, contoured & natural appearing. Each patient is

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My Essential, Easy-to-Follow Rules for Healthy Eating

Originally posted on lankylifting:
Michael Pollan said it best: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”  The fitness and health industry is great. It helps people reach their goals, improve their lives and overall health, and gain more confidence. HOWEVER, there is an abundance of misinformation and many theories about dieting by several “experts” that are extremely difficult to follow and maintain…

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Meet Summer: Business Marketing Supervisor

Summer Cornett enjoys spending time with her amazing husband, Cody, and 2 small children, Claire & Jack. Summer is also a singer/songwriter; sharing songs and making new friendships. Summer has enjoyed working with Dr. Nathan Long, M.D. for over 4 years. From Summer: I am raising money for the International Rescue Committee. Your donation will help refugees who have been forced to flee

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