Accountability Check

What are you doing to work on your visceral fat or deep inside fat? Do you have any tips for others that is working for you? Feel free to share!

We are integrating a new process for weight accountability and maintaining your results! Following your first post-operative appointment, our team will schedule you for your weekly accountability call. During this call, we will ask you questions like, “How is your area of treatment improving since your last post-operative appointment?”, and “What steps are you taking to maintain your results?” We will help answer any questions you might have regarding your recovery!

Accountability Our clinic is dedicated to helping you maintain your results!

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  • Track your calories for free online at:
  • Consider going semi-vegitarian completely or at least for 1 week every month.
  • Ditch soft drinks!
  • Start a physical activity log.
  • Get inspired. Read blogs, websites or magazines that share exercise success stories.


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