Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction 


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Fat transfer is also called fat grafting or fat injection. Currently, Dr. Nathan Long offers the Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction procedure to the buttocks only. This is done to increase the volume and augment the buttocks appearance. After a Fat Transfer to the buttocks you will see results immediately following your surgery. However, the results you see immediately following your surgery will reduce slightly as swelling resolves. The results will remain overtime in big or small ways. The areas were Tumescent Liposuction was performed, you will see immediate results of a more slim and contoured appearance.

During the process of fat transfer with tumescent liposuction, you are awake but heavily sedated. The fat is suctioned out using the tumescent liposuction technique. Next, the fat is concentrated and the tumescent  fluid is removed. During the procedure the skin is not cut. The fat is removed and injected using a very small incision. Finally the fat cells are placed into the buttock area. To be a good candidate for fat transfer it is necessary that enough fat be present in another location for liposuction.

The benefit of using your own harvested fat to augment your buttocks area, is that it is natural. We do not use fat implants to augment the buttocks only your own natural fat.  During your recovery, you will notice in all areas that were treated, some swelling, sometimes minimal bruising (for patients that already bruise easily). 

  • Tumescent liposuction is safer than techniques that require general anesthesia.
  • Tumescent liposuction results are similar to or better than general anesthesia techniques.
  • Tumescent liposuction allows the patient to return home the day of the procedure.
  • Tumescent liposuction lowers the cost of liposuction procedures by allowing them to be done in the doctors office. There is no additional charge for a surgical-center, hospital or anesthesiologist.

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224 thoughts on “Fat Transfer with Tumescent Liposuction 

  1. Toni V. says:

    I am interested in your promotion but just curious as to why your pricing is $7,000 cheaper than all of the other competitors in your area?

      • nathanlongmd says:

        We recommend sitting on a cushion or pillow, but mostly staying off of your buttocks. If your working environment requires you to sit for extended periods, we recommend bringing a cushion or trying to stand more often. You can sit as you did before the surgery, after 1-2 days.

  2. Marche watts says:

    I am interested in scheduling a free consultation for tomorrow if possible or anytime before 11 I would like to know how much do you need in advance and can the procedure be done before have the full amount

    • nathanlongmd says:

      Hi! Please come in anytime if you haven’t already called to set up a consultation. Someone is always available to talk with you about pricing and financing. The full amount of your surgery must be paid before surgery can begin. However, by using services like CareCredit, you are able to make small payments monthly until you’ve paid your balance. In that situation, CareCredit or your financing choice, would contact us and pay us the full amount of your surgery, you would then start paying monthly payments to CareCredit.

  3. Jessica says:

    I am 21 and have always hated my body except my legs so what I am wanting to do is transfer fat from both arms and stomach to my butt I would love to have a flat belly 🙁

    • nathanlongmd says:

      Hi Jessica! We can definitely help you with your arms, abdomen, and buttocks. We would transfer fat from your abdomen to your buttocks. Your arms would be a separate surgery.

  4. Toni V. says:

    I am interested in your promotion but just curious as to why your pricing is $7,000 cheaper than all of the other competitors in your area? Also, how long am I not able to sit down after the fat transfer to my butt? Thanks for your reply in advance.

  5. Monique says:

    Hello Dr. Long

    I have a question how far in advance do you schedule surgeries? With the promotion being this month if I want to schedule for January or February of next year would the price still be the promotional price?

  6. SHANIQUE says:


    • nathanlongmd says:

      Shanique, you should not be in any pain during recovery. If you are, you need to be seen in our office. We do prescribe oral medication that helps reduce any pain. Most patients require 1-2 days of modified rest.

  7. daveron c. says:

    I was wanting to know can you receive a fat transfer if you have had hydrogel injections in the buttocks a year ago.

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